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Combination Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine

Tabletop Combination Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine save space to finish automatic filling and capping functions

It is mainly suitable for small size bottles auto filling and capping.

Using advanced automatic interface, operation is simple and parameters can be adjusted and saved at will
The filling head can be matched with gear pump, peristaltic pump and ceramic pump to meet different requirements of liquid filling
Filling & capping integrated, reduce cost, prevent operation fatigue and improve production efficiency and take small installation space
Quantitative filling, constant torque screw cap, consistent products
Maximum production capacity can reach 2100 bottles per hour (depend on filling volume, production capacity will be changed)

Working Process: manually infeed empty bottles to rotary table, bottles automatic move to filling station, after filled liquid, bottles move into star wheel go to capping station, manually put the caps on bottle mouth, electric capper will automatic capping the bottles.

Widely used in medicine, pharmacy, food, cosmetics, spices, essential oil, chemical and other industries


Model No.SXF-100
Filling Volume0~150ml/bottle
Filling accuracy0.5~1% (depend on filling volume and liquid filled)
Production Capacity≤40 Bottle/min.
Power Source1P; AC200V;50~60Hz; 500W
Air Source0.5~0.7MPa
DimensionL 1150 x W 620 x H 518 mm 

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