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Auto Aluminum Foil cap Induction sealing machine


It can auto stop sealing function when meet bottle jam on production line

Anticorrosion design, machine’s circuit and cooling air duct are completely isolated design, which greatly improves reliability and working life of machine

There is external control function, it is convenient for system integration and remote monitoring of production line.

Color screen display, with good vision and convenient operation

The cover made by SUS304 meet GMP requirement

Compatible with various sealing functions, especially for special-shaped containers, sealing performance good

Patented sealing sensor: unique tunnel structure, all-dimensional induction sealing, strong power. The sensor is rotatable and interchangeable. It is suitable for sealing bottles of different sizes and diameters. One machine is multi-purpose and saves costs.

High-performance host: The host has comprehensive anti-corrosion, low-EMI design, anti-surge design, stable output voltage, and intelligent protection functions such as over-voltage, over-current, and over-heating.

Efficient intelligent water tank: real-time monitoring of water flow and water temperature, the water tank is short of water or the water temperature is too high, can automatically alarm, convenient checking, so that the host and sensors can work stably and reliably for a long time.

New module smart box technology: equipment anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, dust-proof, electromagnetic interference prevention, long service life, easy maintenance, greatly reduce costs.



Model No.: DG-3

Display: Color touch screen

Cooling Type: High speed water cooling

Power Supply: AC220V+/-10%; 50/60Hz; 1P

Output Power: Max. 4000W (Adjustable)

Sealing Bottle Mouth Diameter: Φ10mm~Φ140mm; withinΦ300mm custom made

Sealing Speed: 100-750bottles/min.

Height of Heating Head to floor: 770mm-1180mm

Dimension: Host: 410mmx460mmx320mm

                   Heating Sensor: 310mmx130mmx190mm

                   Water Tank: 520mmx450mmx980mm

Net Weight: 100kg



Used to seal bottle and suitable for complicated-shape bottle sealing too.




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