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Induction Sealer


Digital wind cooling system ensure machine has stronger power and high working efficiency

Built-in power supply stabilizer ensure constant output power, power grid volatility can work normally

It has self-protection functions when over heat, over load, water shortage occur and self diagnosis function

Power is adjustable based on special power supply unit, don't need preheat the machine when power on, easy to operate

The structures of machine used stainless steel 304, easy clean and beauty, in accord with GMP requirements


Model No.: DG-3000E

Cooling Type: Wind cooling

Power Supply: AC220V+/-10%; 50/60Hz; 1P

Output Power: Max. 3000W (Adjustable)

Sealing/ Cap Size: Φ20-80mm (Φ70-110mm for option)

Sealing Speed: 40-280bottles/min.

Height of Heating Head to floor: 930mm-1160mm

Dimension:  1) Host: 395x420x185mm

                    2) Handcart: 450x450x970mm

                    3) Heating Head: 660x211x211mm

Net Weight: 60kg; G.W.: 90KG


One set of Host

One piece of Heating Head

One set of Handcart

One pieces of Lead Screw

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